Interschool Athletics

Interschool Athletics

Following the success of our Faction Athletics carnival our Years 4 to 7 students are currently preparing for the Interschool Athletics carnival to be held at Esperance Primary, on our new oval on Wednesday 9 April. Jumps commence at 9.30am and the main carnival starts at 12noon.

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EPS iPhone App

iPhone App for Esperance Primary

Download the App for free from the iTunes App store - simply by searching 'Esperance Primary School'. The app allows you to send us Student Absenteeism information, Phone or Email the school, as well as linking you to our website for Newsletters, Term Planners, Uniform and Canteen Orders and much more.

School Watch

Please Report Suspicious Activities

We encourage our local community to report suspicious activities in our school after hours through the School Watch Program by telephoning 1800 177 777 or to the WA Police by telephoning 13 14 44.












































TOM National Champs!

TOM Australasian Pacific Champions

Our Social Science team facilitated by Ms Liz Ellett included; Ruby Connor, Charlie Cope, Archie Reichstein, Caitlyn Rooney, Claudia Parker, Chloe Hockley and Anthony Sims are the 2013 Australasian Pacific Champions. 

The Language Literature facilitated by Miss Hayley Clark and Mr Karl Gurney included; Tari Drew, Hayley Revell, Kasey Corry, Ashleigh Rooney, Hudson Staer, Jesse Marshall and Reuben Smith received Honours (finishing in the top three teams). Both teams competed in Canberra recently.












Next Assembly

Next Assembly -  11 April 2014, hosted by Dolphin Cove 4 ~ Year 6.

Parents, Carers and community members are invited to come along when our classes host assemblies on a Friday. Assemblies are a great way for the students to show their families and friends not only what they have been learning about at school - but also how much talent they have. 

Our next assembly will be held on Friday April 2014 and will be hosted by Dolphin Cove 4 ~ Year 6.



Welcome to Esperance Primary School

Esperance Primary School (established 1956) is a Level 5 Public School located 740km east of Perth on the picturesque south east coast of WA. As an Independent Public School, we have been empowered to make decisions best suited to the needs and interests of our students and local community. Our school supports each student to take responsibility for their learning, aim for their personal best and achieve their full potential.

Our student population is currently 497 students and has mainly double streamed K-7 year levels. Our vision of Inspiring Personal Excellence is a guiding principle that underpins our school’s operations. We strive to meet the needs and interests of our students, with our socio-economic index being in the median range. Critical and creative thinking is valued, with SAER programs complimenting class learning experiences. Highly regarded PEAC and Australiasian Pacific, award winning Tournament of Minds (TOM) programs provide enrichment for gifted and talented students, with innovative Science programs providing authentic and real life learning experiences.
Our committed staff aim to be student and relationship focused, motivated and work collaboratively in a team environment. We highly regard strong teaching skills in literacy, numeracy and science.
We value our parents and carers as partners and encourage a collaborative, mutually respectful learning and teaching environment. 
Esperance Primary School is held in high regard by the local and wider community due to its achievements in student learning, quality teaching by the caring and professional staff and the shared beliefs we have with our active and supportive families.

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