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Blue Haven 5


Welcome to Blue Haven 5 2018 Term 4

 from Mrs Jefferies, Mrs Eather, Mrs Campbell and Mrs Martin 

We are excited to welcome you all back to our wonderful Kindergarten/Pre-primary class and to our final term. Can you believe it?  It is sure to be filled with exciting new opportunities for learning.  

This term we are thrilled to have In-term swimming lessons. What an exciting opportunity for the children to become more confident in the water and to be ready to play safely at the beach this summer.

The Triple P program is also being offered over three weeks and a creche is available. This is a very well regarded program and I am sure everyone who attends will get a lot out of it!

Parent Help starts in Week 1. Last term was amazing! It was so exciting to have so many people stay to help. It makes a huge impact on the programs and experiences we can offer to your children. Parent Help is usually from 8.45 -10.30am. If you would like to come at another time, for example, 12-1 or   2-3 please let us know. We love help at any time of the day!

If there is no one rostered on and you are able to stay and chop the fruit that would be fabulous too! We are grateful for any help. Those of you who take the washing each week - THANK YOU. This act of kindness is so very appreciated.

We will continue to use Seesaw to keep you informed about important events and special moments that occur within the day. If you have any questions or difficulties please let us know. 


The themes for this term are Transport (mainly kindergarten) and Australian Literature. In Pre-primary we will be reading and writing most days - using all the clever letter/sound knowledge we have learned through the year. Please keep reading books and practising the RIng Words. Any questions just ask! Sometimes a set of books can be a bit trickier or easier for a child than I think - let me know! The Kindergarten children will be getting to know the alphabet and developing more pre-reading and writing skills. In Numeracy we will be reviewing the counting principles, collecting and representing data and copying, extending and creating patterns. Exctiting times!!

As we start a new term and reconnect with familiar faces and greet our new friends we will have a special focus on the Tribes agreements of Mutual Respect and Appreciations.

As we play and learn together we hope to inspire each member of our classroom community to do their Personal Best.