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Hellfire Bay 1 - LOTE

Bienvenue à la salle des langues à l' école primaire de l'Espérance .
Vérifiez ici pour voir ce que nous avons appris .

Bonjour  !!!    What's been happening in Term 2......

Our talented students in LOTE have continued to build their confidence in Listening, Responding and Speaking, Viewing, Reading and Responding, and Writing with great success.

An awesome effort everyone! Bravo!

French in Term 2:

Year 1

Our talented Year 1 students are mastering  numbers 1 to 20 , reviewing familiar phrases relating to greetings and seeking personal information. Language relating to Colour is our current topic.

Year 2/3

We are busy learning expressions for meeting and greeting, reviewing colours and numbers and watching  - Salut Serge. 

Our favourite requested song continues to be 

Salut! and La danse des couleurs!



Year 4

Our Year 4  students have been learning language relating to Time. We have mastered, on the hour, minutes past and to the hour. Students continue to use  our link for Languages Online to further develop their language skills and knowledge in our topics.

 website photo


Year 5

Topics for this Term - School, Food preferences and  Family


Year 6

Our Term focus language has  has been related to understanding and using subject pronouns and the verbs Avoir ( to have) and 

Être ( to be) and  negating sentences.  We have just started topic of going to the café  and food.

A bientôt!!!