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Physical Education

Term 3- AFL Football/Squash

This term our Year 1-6 students are learning about AFL football. Students of all levels have the opportunity to improve their skills, and put them into an inclusive game. Whether your student is male or female, AFL football really is an enjoyable way to be active and participate in a team environment!

In Week 3 students have the opportunity to participate in a Squash program, held by Tim Cowell from Squash WA. The program includes an inflatable court, bringing the game to the school! Our junior students participate in the "Big Hand" program, giving them the hand/eye co ordination to move to the racquets in future years.

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Term 2

In  Weeks 6-10, students from Year 4-6 are learning Volleyball. We welcome Nick Wells (Esperance Volleyball Association President) to assist in coaching. Year 1-3 students are learning the skills of Soccer.

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In weeks 1-5, Esperance Primary School students learnt Netball. Years 5 and 6 students had access to community coaching with Lesa Blackham running sessions, strengthening links between the school and the community. The key skills taught to all years are different passing types and when to best use them, shooting, defensive skills, attacking strategies and footwork.             


Encouraging Participation

To achieve this a wide range of movement experience should be available to young children, with emphasis on maximum participation.

At Esperance Primary School children in years 1-6 engage in 60 minutes of Physical Education each week co-ordinated by the Physical Education Specialist.

Physical Education lessons develop student’s participation, fundamental movement skills (walking, running, jumping and hopping), body management (balancing, tumbling and dodging) and object control skills (throwing, catching, striking, trapping etc).

In Physical Education activities also incorporate cooperative skills, game strategies and develop confidence and self esteem, as these areas are essential components in Physical Education.

Esperance Primary School also offers many sporting opportunities for students to participate in. These include:

  • Faction Athletics Carnival
  • Interschool Athletics Sports Carnival
  • Fun Run Carnival ( 3km run/walk for years 4 -6)
  • Two week Swimming lessons
  • Interschool sporting events in a variety of sports
  • Incursions from coaches in the community
  • Heartbeat Skipping Team
  • Lunchtime Sporting Activities