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Primary Extension and Challenge (PEAC)

To cater for gifted and talented students at Esperance Primary School, we have in place a system that identifies children and their specific talents and then offers PEAC courses to suit specific needs.

PEAC Courses

Teachers in the school conduct these courses and the District Office funds their relief time. All courses are conducted with small numbers and usually across year levels: Year 4 to Year 7. Children are identified on their Critical & Creative thinking abilities in Yr 4 and again in Year 6 during Term 1 and courses are conducted during Terms 2 & 3. 

Courses are devised to complement the school’s priorities for the year and the needs of the identified students.

At the completion of each course participants receive a report that was sent home with a copy being retained in their report file.

The PEAC program is dynamic as it is reviewed regularly by students and staff and changes are made if needed.