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Esperance Primary became an
Accredited Waste Wise School in 2009


Through Miss Amber Lewington’s leadership and an active committee, the success of our Waste Wise program continued this year. In recognition of Esperance Primary School’s commitment to waste reduction, we received another Waste Wise Grant of $11 000, taking the total amount of money received from Waste Wise to $20 000.

This round of funding improved the programs and initiatives already running across the school, in particular 10 steel garden beds have been purchased and students across the school have been busy planting and harvesting. Pre-Primary Garden Beds - Mrs Bev Mumme and the Pre-Primary staff love to create opportunities for students to learn in a hands on, stimulating way.

Our garden beds were looking tired so Bev and her husband spent a whole weekend removing these and replacing them with four, well structured and supported garden plots. After adding their own worm farm, the students enjoy planting, harvesting and eating their produce.

The school has also purchased its second commercial worm farm in order to keep up with the large amount of organic waste that the school produces. The sale of vermicastings, along with recycled paper briquettes and organic vegetables has provided an income to keep sustainable projects running in the future.

Mobile Muster

In 2011, we recycled a massive total of 34kg of mobile phones. As a result our school was awarded 5MP3 players to give away to the highest collecting students. Money raised from the materials recycled from mobile phones, was awarded to CoastCare and LandCare groups across Australia.

Esperance Energisers

The Energisers have continued on their mission to recycle batteries. This year we recycled 248 kg of batteries. That is 12kg more than last year. One class alone was responsible for recycling 41kg. This has prevented chemicals entering the soil and leeching into our waterways.

Discover more about Esperance Energisers.

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